Workplace Injuries San Antonio

Were you injured at work? Workplace injuries are far more common than you think. In San Antonio, we have a diverse workforce working under a myriad of conditions. From the relative safety of office buildings to the extreme hazards of construction sites, oil and gas fields, and farms, San Antonio’s workforce regularly faces danger.

No matter where you work, hazards lurk. Slip and fall injuries, ergonomic injuries, chemical exposure, manufacturing injuries, electrocutions, rigging equipment injuries, crane accidents, explosions, fires, workplace violence, and auto accidents are just a small sample of the personal injury stories we hear on a daily basis.

On-the-Job Injuries
Injuries vary in degree, with some on-the-job injuries being slight and others being massive. Obviously, a minor cut is not worth pursuing legal action. However, if your injury required a trip to the hospital or appears to be an injury with long term implications, you’ll want to talk to a San Antonio personal injury attorney. Your case may extend beyond the scope of workers compensation insurance.

Oil & Gas Field Injuries
In Texas, the oil and gas fields provide jobs and natural resources. They also kill, maim, and injure oil and gas field workers, making the oil industry one of the most dangerous industries for workers. Heavy equipment, unsafe working conditions, the unstable nature of oil and gas, and even untrained co-workers all contribute to the dangers. When an accident occurs on an oil or gas field, it’s generally not a minor incident. Dismembered limbs, burns, and death are real threats.

If you’ve lost a loved one in an oil or gas field, or if you were injured in an oil or gas field accident, you absolutely need legal representation. These cases should never be handled on your own. Contact us today to ensure prompt, professional representation.